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Leigh Ann

Being a busy, working mom was exciting but over time had taken its toll and I was tired and stressed. For decades I had food sensitivities and my digestive system was very unstable. In 2012 I found myself just worn out and felt like I was sick more than not. During a routine adjustment appointment at my Chiropractic friend’s office, she asked me if I had ever considered using essential oils to improve my immunity and wellness. I told her I didn’t even know what they were and asked “Do I have to cook with them?” thinking they were some kind of special cooking oil. She explained them to me and I immediately loved the idea of an all-natural, plant based product that I could use topically or aromatically and I wouldn’t have to take them by mouth and potentially upset my digestive system. As I left her office I was excited, but being the skeptical engineer that I am, I couldn’t stop asking myself, “If essential oils are so effective why haven’t I heard about this before?” So I went home and researched them and found that therapeutic uses of essential oils had been around since biblical times and there is a logical explanation of how and why they work. I was thrilled and knew I had to try them, so I purchased a starter kit along with a diffuser and reference book. I started with the oils to boost our immunity and was thrilled to see how quickly we seemed to be more resilient. I had intended to be a “closet-user” of oils as I didn’t want anyone teasing me about it, but as they began to help me and my family, I could not help but share my experiences and my oil bottles with my friends. Now, 4 years later, we love our oils even more and teaching others about improving their wellness with essential oils is a true passion for me!

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Leigh Ann introduced me to essential oils at a Bible study she was leading at her home. I thought she was crazy to not only believe that these things worked but to think that I could afford them. At that time I was a mom of a 4, 6, 7 and 14 year old. I just finished all of my prerequisites and 2 semesters of nursing school. I withdrew from school with OCD that manifested itself in germs. I was a germophobe! My life consisted of daily anxiety attacks which prevented my family from having a normal life. My kids had rarely attended birthday parties, roller skating, bowling or any other activities that required my children to be around other snot-filled, germ passing children. I was so distraught that I was so defenseless. I took the sample Leigh Ann gave me and spent the weekend researching these “voodoo” oils. Turns out, the science behind how they work matched my knowledge of how we work. I had to have them! I spent the next week selling my children’s slightly used clothes on Facebook to get my oils!! Once I received my oils, I sought out guidance to use them and was told that they are 100% safe to use without side effects and that I could ingest them. I wasn’t buying into much of it and so began my aromatherapy journey. My husband and I agreed that aromatherapy school was the only option because we were terrified at the possibility of someone having an adverse reaction to something I told them that was safe. It’s been 4 years now and my children would tell you, “These oils have changed our lives! We get to go places now and do things and live life!” It’s not that we don’t get sick or need medicine. It’s just that we don’t get sick as often or as severely as we did before. We have a first line of defense!


My great-grandmother taught my grandma all about herbs.  My grandma then taught me and up till recentlyI was totally involved and content using my herbs. When Jaime asked me to try essential oils I was skeptical to say the least. I had NO interest-I am an herbalist-I had studied for years to understand them and I used my home grown and pesticide free herbs to deal with our everyday challenges and obstacles. I love taking herb walks and showing folks what is edible and helpful in their back yards and in the fields I love so much. My hubby grows garlic and harvests it for all our friends and families. We even have tea parties in our little log cabin with my herbs as the stars. I have a very sensitive nose and get migraines quite often due to synthetic smells like petrochemicals, hair sprays, perfumes made from animal urine, and on and on. I can’t even venture down a soap isle without being affected negatively or ride behind a diesel vehicle—so why would I want to try more smells on purpose? One day Jaime asked me to just please buy a kit just in case the kids were visiting and I needed them (yep, she used the grandkids to get me) lol. I bought the kit and placed it into the bathroom cupboard and forgot about it for months—that is, until Brookie was here and had a tummy ache and asked for, you guessed it, the kit! Yep, she took a drop out of a bottle and put it around her belly button and while I was brewing my chamomile tea her belly ache went away. The following week Alexis came to spend the night and pappy kept us both awake all night snoring like a trapped bear in a cage. She told him in the morning that that would not happen again and she brought up my diffuser from the kitchen and put 3 drops of oil in it and he didn’t snore that night—imagine that! That was the moment I decided maybe there was something to these oils of theirs and after all, they did come from my herbs, right? That was the beginning of Essential Granny the Herb Lady. As Ezekiel’s Garden we marry herbs and oils to make salves and balms and bath salts and tea blends and tons of other items we use daily—a happy marriage of the plants and the essential oils that comes from those plants. Today when I see someone struggling to overcome some situation—I can help and I can do that even if I am not at home because these things travel with me and are easy to use and I get to see the look on the face of the person when they see how God’s creations help them to overcome. I am truly blessed.

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