Bridging The Gap Between Eastern and

Western Medicines Using Science

We created Ezekiel’s Garden to help guide you on how to use herbs and essential oils to improve your health. We offer free local classes and online webinars featuring science-based teaching. We have instructional workshops to teach you how to make all-natural products with herbs and essential oils. Seasonally, you may come for an herb walk in the garden to learn about the indigenous plants (most people call them weeds) that grow in western PA and how you can use them therapeutically. You may even schedule a private wellness consultation from which a custom herb and essential oil blend will be designed just for your unique needs.

Have you ever heard someone talk about a holistic lifestyle? What does that mean anyway? Does that mean I have to eat herbs and cook with them? How do I know which ones to use for what and where do I find the time to learn that? What about essential oils? Do they really work? If they work, then why haven’t I heard about them before now? Where is the science that explains how these things work? Are they really completely safe to use? What do these people who are teaching these classes on essential oils really know anyway? Did they go to school to learn this? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, we hear you! We were there. We have spent the last four years researching essential oils and herbs and are now dedicated to teaching what we have learned to you. Sign up for one of our classes if you are looking for a more analytical approach to holistic wellness.

We are a stay-at-home and cyber-schooling mom finishing an NAHA accredited certification in aromatherapy; a retired professional and nature-loving herbalist grandma of four; and former germaphobe, industrial engineer working mom. We are devoted to sharing not just our essential oil testimonies but to educating analytical, not-yet-convinced, like- minded women in search of a more holistic approach to well-being. We are NOT against pharmaceuticals; instead, we have found a great balance between Eastern and Western medicines.

We have committed ourselves to helping others understand the actual science behind how essential oils work through local classes, online classes, webinars, personal consults, college courses, and even radio shows!


We are here to help you incorporate Essential Oils into your life in the way you want, whether that be more education or you are thinking about starting a business. Whatever you choose, we are excited to help you in discovering the full potential of your oils and yourself!

While we love sharing the do’s about essential oils, we also have fun sharing the don’ts. We hope you enjoy watching these as much as we enjoyed making them!

Are you overwhelmed with what oils to use for what? Are you experiencing some health challenges you would like to tackle holistically? Whether physical or emotional, we would be honored to help. We specialize in creating blends designed to work with your body specifically using herbs and essential oils!

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"We love doTerra!  Jaime and her team is exactly what you would expect from professionals on a mission to help and serve people.  Our lives and the lives of our children and clients have been forever change with the introduction and now weekly use of essential oils!  We would not be able to perform at the level we do now it wasn't for their blessed team and love! Thank you and God Bless you guys!" #steelcityoiler

- Charles & Stephanie Pienaar
OMEGA Fitness LLC, CrossFit Ageless,

& Hope for Kenya, Inc.

"Hi, This is Dr. Dave & Valeri Sas. We've had doTERRA Essential Oils involved in our wellness business for almost 2 years now and it has been a wonderful adventure with Jamie and Leigh Ann at our side. We are confident of the product in every way from efficacy to price point to education. We would not have gotten involved had it not been for the mission of Leigh Ann, Jaime and Dona which is to educate, share, and educate. They have been a solid footing for us as we continue to educate others towards better health using doTERRA Essential Oils.  Thank you both for the grace and leadership you extend towards us. God bless us all!"  

- Valeri Sas, LifeSpan Health & Wellness

"I have been around the MLM industry for over 37 years(since 1980) and been affiliated with a number of companies.  I have never had a person provide so much support, dependability and help as Donalyn Spisak with doTERRA.  Donalyn is not just a go getter-- she is a PRO and works honorably and with integrity.  She is a "true leader." Her enthusiasm for doTERRA is contagious. It is all about the team-Go Steel City Oilers!"  

- Grandmaster Dan Obusek,

PHD/3x Hall of Famer and owner of Performance Martial Arts in Belle Vernon, PA

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